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Mountain Mike's European Deer Skull-Mounting KitMountain Mike's European Deer Skull-Mounting Kit

If you want a clean and inexpensive way to create your own European deer mount, check out Mountain Mike's products.  Give your treasured whitetail or mule deer antlers the showcase they deserve. This mounting kit utilizes the latest digitizing techniques and injection-mold-making processes to create a truly universal reproduction European skull and plate. It's perfect for harvested and naturally shed whitetail and mule deer antlers of any diameter. Extremely easy to use, it saves time and money over other mounting techniques. No more boiling and bleaching. Now you can remove your antlers and leave the skull in the field. The kit includes medium and large interchangeable antler-mounting top sections, antler-mounting screws and an instructional DVD. Made in USA.

  • No more boiling, bleaching or beetles
  • Create a clean, professional-looking mount
  • Ideal for both harvested and shed antlers
  • Antler-mounting screws and instructional DVD included
Deer Hunters Hide Tanning Formula

Deer Hunters Hide Tanning Formula

Let's be honest, sometimes it's nice to keep a hide from a harvested animal but taking it to a taxidermist can get expensive quickly.  Now you can get the professional pre-mixed formula to create your own hides and furs. It works on all fur skins and hides, even with the hair on, and produces a soft, supple tan in just 4-7 days. Each 8-oz. bottle will tan one deer hide or two fur skins.

On-Time Buck Boiler Mounting Kit

On-Time Buck Boiler Mounting Kit

If you want an easy DIY way to turn your trophy buck into a great European mount, this product is for you.  The unit houses a patent pending heating element which utilizes household electricity instead of the conventional way of using expensive propane. A heavy duty powercord with a safety breaker built into the lug is attached and operates on standard household current of 110 volt. Easy to use the unit manipulates tap water and dish detergent for an approximately 8 hour process, at the end of which, your trophy is ready to be rinsed off and mounted. Temperature is held more constant with the Buck Boiler than when using propane to make damaging the bone structure of the trophy less likely.



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