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Cabela's Deluxe Locking Hoist and Gambrel System

Cabela's Deluxe Locking Hoist and Gambrel System

The Cabelas's Deluxe Locking Hoist and Gambrel System makes hanging and processing your game much easier. The self-locking device makes it easy to keep game at the height you want without having to tie the rope off. The 20-1/2" gambrel has a 500-lb. capacity for the largest deer-sized game. 4:1 lift assist ratio allows a single person to easily lift deer-sized game up to eye level.

Big Game Magnum Lift System

Big Game Magnum Lift System

Thee perfect packable gambrel with the weight savings hoist of the unit in your garage, the Big Game Magnum Lift is perfect for the field. With its 4:1 weight reduction, the pulley system makes it easy for one-person use. Supports the hind legs to enhance draining and cooling. Twist- and tangle-free, rot-resistant polypropylene rope. Automatic self-locking device. 500-lb. capacity.

  • Compact, lightweight design
  • 4:1 weight reduction
  • 500-lb. capacity
Foreverlast Tripod Game Hoist

Foreverlast Tripod Game Hoist

Don't get stuck without a place to hang your animal ever again. This portable, durable tripod sets up and takes down in less than 5 minutes. Use it in the field to prepare your game for the cooler, or as a means of hoisting your trophy high enough to reach the back of your truck or UTV. The sturdy manual ratchet winch and cable let you adjust the height as needed and can lift animals weighing up to 500 lbs. It's a real back-saver and can also save the day on warm-weather hunts when you need to bone-out game fast to get it in a cooler before the meat spoils. 8-foot height. Gambrel not included. Weight: 45 lbs.

  • 500-lb. weight capacity
  • Weighs only 45 lbs.
  • 8-ft. height
Big Game 550-lb. Dial Scale

Big Game 550-lb. Dial Scale

Settle the "how much does he weigh" dispute of your buck, antelope, boar or black bear with the easy-to-read hanging dial scale. It accurately measures in 2-lb. increments up to 550 lbs. Metal hooks above and below facilitate hanging between gambrel and hoist. A zeroing dial helps you maintain accuracy. Heavy-duty metal housing.

  • Metal housing
  • Zeroing dial
  • Measures in standard
Kill Shot Hunting Deer Hitch Mounted Deer

Kill Shot Hunting Deer Hitch Mounted Deer Hoist

Turn a 2" Class III/IV vehicle hitch receiver into a one-stop deer cleaning station with the Kill Shot Deer Hoist. The heavy duty steel deer lift adjusts from 81-1/2" to 92-1/2" high allowing game to be positioned upside down for cavity irrigating, deer aging in < 45° temperatures (if the vehicle will be parked for a couple days), skinning, and vehicle load-assist. Kill Shot's game lift frame design provides 2-1/4" hitch clearance from hitch pin hole to the gusset reinforcement. Includes a heavy duty winch with 15 ft. of braided 1/4" aircraft cable, and a 27-1/2" deer lift gambrel for securing game. Maximum 300 lb capacity for those trophy bucks. Finished in a matte black powder-coat for long lasting durability. *Please note: Overall lifting height varies depending on the vehicle hitch height. Includes a one year warranty.

Hunter's Specialties 600-lb. Gambrel

Hunter's Specialities 600-lb. Gambrel

Raise your game for easier skinning and butchering. Rated to 600 lbs yet light and easy to use. All-steel rod stock, 20" spreader bar perfect for deer, antelope and most other big game species.



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