Max-I-Mizer Minerals for Year-Round Nutrition

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Max-I-Mizer Minerals for Year-Round Nutrition

You may have the greenest food plot in the state and the best attractants on the market, but if that's all you've got, you're missing a key player when it comes to your deer herd development. Studies show that providing year-round dietary supplements to deer give Mother Nature a much needed helping hand. Application of these essentials has never been easier. This year experience HUGE results from the Max-I-Mizer Mineral Mix.

maximizer pellets in carton

Scientifically formulated, the Max-I-Mizer Mineral Mix provides key nutrients to bucks, particularly during antler development. In addition, Max-I-Mizer Minerals help fawns and lactating does during crucial stages of growth and development. You can now minimize overall stress on your entire deer herd by implementing Max-I-Mizer Minerals all year long. This nutrient is sure to tickle the taste buds of every deer in your woods. Available in five great flavors, orange, apple, berry, persimmon and acorn, the Max-I-Mizer Mineral Mix is irresistable to deer .

Elevate your minerals for efficiency and better results by pouring your Max-I-Mizer Mineral Mix into the Mineral Mizer Bag. This simple bag makes any dry granular mineral last longer than conventional pour-and-stir methods by producing a controlled, constant drip that continually refreshes the ground lick from above...Just Hang it, Wet it, and Forget It! Deer find this mineral lick, as well as the built-in lick at the base of the bag, an irresistible combination and will continue to return for more.

Max-I-Mize Mineral Mix is a wise investment that pays great dividends all year long. Why not set your sights on a healthy deer herd and cash in every fall!



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