Introducing Tink's New Moose Munch Vegetation Spray

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Draw moose to your hunting local and keep them there with Tink's new Moose Munch Sweet-Tasting Vegetation Spray. This sweet-tasting, honeysuckle-flavored spray increases the desire and taste of any vegetation. After getting a taste, moose simply can't resist.

The mineral-enhanced spray crystallizes on foliage and lasts for over a week, even after a rain. This delicious spray not only attracts moose, but it creates feeding patterns in areas where moose don't normally travel. A moose will follow its nose to the sprayed food source, and once it's had a nibble of the flavor-enhanced vegetation or feed, it will return again and again for more.

Moose Munch

Moose Munch comes in a small and convenient 32-ounce trigger-spray bottle, making it easy to tote to your hunting local.Use Moose Munch to lure moose into shooting lanes when hunting large areas.

To use, simply spray Tink's Moose Munch in liberal amounts on any form of vegetation, even types not typically eaten by moose. Apply upwind of your hunting setup to provide you with optimal shot opportunity, and then sit back and wait for the big ones to show up.

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