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Saturday, June 29, 2013

For decades, hunters have experienced the deer-attracting power of sweet-tasting apples. Any area of land that has apple trees will surely bring in deer by the droves, and not just any deer, the big trophy bucks as well. But what if apples and apple trees aren't readily available to you? Wildgame Innovations has the solution with its new Apple CRUSH deer attractant products.

Wildgame Innovations understands the need for a high-quality apple attractant, and has delivered. Fresh, all-natural apples are sliced, dried and CRUSHed with a sweet mix of fats and proteins to produce the ultimate deer attractant - Apple CRUSH.

Apple Crush

Available as a 4-pound Salt Block, 5-pound bag and 1-gallon Juiced liquid gel mineral mix, the Apple CRUSH products can be used in the early season and into the late season effectively. The Salt Block can be set near deer trails, feeding areas or around any stumps or logs in the desired area of attraction. The 5-pound bag of powdered feed can be placed in feeder troughs, on ground sites in small strips or piles, or even added as a food plot topper. Other supplements, such as grain and corn, can be mixed in for extra nutrition as well. The 1-gallon jug of Juiced liquid can be poured just about anywhere to attract deer, and added to other supplements to amp up the attracting power. Just set out any variety of Apple CRUSH and watch as monster bucks, even the most cautious ones, flock to the sweet-smelling aroma of apples.

Let Wildgame Innovations bring the apple orchard to you, and try some Apple CRUSH deer attractant on your next hunt.



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