Improve Your Arrows Performance with These New Accessories from Carbon Express

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Monday, January 12, 2015

Carbon Express is dedicated to making sure your shots are true, and these two new accessories, they stand true.

Carbon Express® would like to introduce two new and innovative arrow accessory products that have been built to meet the needs of hunters and competitive shooters who demand top-of-the-line performance from their arrows.

The all new Carbon Express Nock Bushing has been engineered for insertion of a LAUNCHPAD® .244" Precision Nock allowing use in larger diameter shafts. The upgraded bushing fits CXLTM Pro, Line Jammer® Pro, X-Jammer-27TM Pro and X-BusterTM models. With precision machined 6041 aluminum at a straightness of 0.001" and weighing just 25.5 grains, this Nock Bushing will drive arrow performance to new levels.

Nock Bushing Hero by Carbon Express

Parabolic Target Point by Carbon Express

Carbon Express has also developed a high performance Parabolic Field Point. These points boast a steel construction featuring a threaded weight with cut off groves for several different weight increments creating an extremely user friendly accessory.

Nock Bushing Specs:

  • 0.318" for CXLTM Pro 250/350 & X-BusterTM 350/400/500 available in 12 pack
  • 0.348" for Line jammer® Pro available in 12 pack
  • 0.284" for CXLTM Pro 150 & X-BusterTM 600/700 available in 12 pack
  • 0.378" for X-Jammer-27TM Pro available in 12 pack

MSRP: $11.99

Parabolic Points Specs:

  • Size 0.187 at 120-100 grains
  • Size 0.187 at 90-70 graints

MSRP: $29.49



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